travertine marble quarry producer Turkey



Our quarry is located in Kula, Turkey about 130 km to the port of Izmir. Covering an area of 900.000m2, going 300 meters deep, it is a reserve of 270,000,000 m³, it’s probably the biggest travertine quarry on Earth. All three main colors of global travertine market are extracted from the same quarry:

Ivory (Extra Light) - Classic Light - Noce
All available as vein-cut or cross-cut. Thanks to a workforce of 150 employees producing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, CEMAR can guarantee the safe delivery of any quantity with its annual raw material production of 110,000 m3. In addition, for connecting production with the Port of Izmir, we have our own fleet consisting of 10 trucks.